Because of the excellent ventilation and cooling effect of industrial electric fans, it is widely used in manufacturing. However, since the industrial electric fan is relatively large, and the industrial electric fan is running at a high speed, if there is an object accidentally touching it, it will cause mechanical damage, so it is necessary to take good safety protection measures. Specifically, when using industrial electric fans to cool down the workshop, you should pay attention to the following safety issues:

First, pay attention to avoid leakage

Since the industrial fan needs to be powered, it is necessary to take good insulation measures, and the workshop ventilation and cooling manufacturers emphasize that the insulation performance of the product must meet the requirements, otherwise it will cause leakage accidents, which is one of the important causes of danger and it is very likely It may cause electric shock, so be careful. At the same time, the industrial electric fan manufacturer, that is, your supplier, must do the relevant maintenance work, because in the process of use, it may cause insulation damage due to aging and leakage, so check it every once in a while and do a good job. Precaution. For example, Ruitaifeng, a well-known industrial fan manufacturer, conducts annual inspections to ensure the normal operation of industrial fans in the coming year.

2. Pay attention to install protective net cover and avoid illegal operation

As an industrial electric fan for workshop ventilation and cooling equipment, if the bare metal is rotated directly, the rotating leaf fan will have hidden safety hazards. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, a net cover must be set around, and the mesh size must be finger-sized. Failure to pass is standard, so that the staff's hands will not be injured as a result. At the same time, the workshop ventilation and cooling manufacturers reminded that in flammable and explosive places, it is absolutely not allowed to operate illegally to avoid static electricity or fire, which may cause fire or explosion. For example, the well-known industrial electric fan factory Ruitaifeng will make this safety measure when installing to ensure the safety of industrial electric fans.

Third, pay attention to multiple safety measures to prevent accidental fall of fans or blades.

Since the industrial electric fan is usually installed on the top of the workshop, and it is rotated to cool down the workshop, the industrial electric fan manufacturer Ruitaifeng reminded that a number of reinforcement measures must be taken to make the industrial electric fan firmly installed in the material. Above the frame and the steel structure, not only should they be fastened with bolts in the process, but also extra wire rope should be wound around the roof-related shelves, and a few more reinforcement measures should be done. At the same time, in the process of use, the supplier of industrial electric fans should regularly check whether there is loosening, so that the problem of disease prevention and fall can be detected early.

The above three points are the safety precautions for industrial electric fans. Although it may seem a bit cumbersome, safety is the top priority. In addition, Ruitaifeng, an industrial electric fan manufacturer, reminds you that if the industrial electric fan is loose and leaks, you should immediately turn off the fan and report it to the relevant agencies. If you find that someone accidentally receives an electric shock, you must immediately turn off the power, and Take measures to rescue and protect the scene of the accident.